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Dbongz is a street artist from the township of Mohlakeng located just west of Johannesburg (JoBurg), South Africa.  Established and widely recognized as a goldmining town, the rural farm community is also cherished for its beautiful diverse landscapes.   In 2008, Dbongz came to JoBurg in pursuit of better opportunities and to submerge himself in the arts.  JoBurg for decades has been a premier destination for the arts, including being home to the largest art gallery on the continent.  Upon arriving, he immediately fell in love with the freedom he felt to follow his passions artistically.  Ultimately, it led him to pursue his tertiary education in business.  The experience instilled within him a confidence and ability to spread conceptual messages to the masses.

Attracted to the colors and oversized canvases street art bears, Dbongz’s works allowed him to revisit his childhood. Growing up, he discovered a world of natural colors and vibrant features outside his farming community. This allure grew from just a fascination into a passion he could not turn away from.    One who is on a journey with no end, Dbongz is forever searching to add color to dull and boring spaces with the hopes of changing the perspective of his observers as art changed his.

In his own words: “I look to change someone’s insight on a daily basis through the messages that are behind my artworks. I aim to elevate the human condition using colors and textures, consideration to all forms of media, and alternative methods & techniques.  The basis of my efforts is to create a language that resonates with everyday life and to forever vibrate in the mundane spaces that often go overlooked.  There’s great optimism to boost the concept of eradicating doubt and fear, and replacing this paradigm with patience and persistence.  Focusing on one work at a time, I believe this can be accomplished.”


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