The digital marketing landscape is as complex as ever.  Equal to the landscape is the number of companies who believe they can help you to “Break through the noise!” We live a world of overcrowded feeds — social media, advertising, TV, radio, magazines, events you name it, the noise is all around us.  It appears that everyone and everything is trying to grab our attention.


  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Production
  • Video and Editing
  • Digital Media
  • Street Art / Murals

How do you ensure your content will reach the right people and effectively impact your bottom line?

At North Waveland we believe in the Power of Relationships and Storytelling! Yes… it is difficult and expensive to positively impact your target audience. However, with the right relationship and story we believe you can create the inspiration that drive results.

Through our stable of artists and partners we can help to identify opportunities that provide the reach and engagement that lead to better targeting and/or retargeting current and future audiences & brand followers.


Cross-pollinate strategies and campaigns that build awareness.  Our team can help to review your existing strategy and uncover ways to optimize messaging that’s cost-effective and poignant that lead to conversions and increased engagements.


Lite:     10 hours per month (2.5 hours per week)
Investment: $475/mo.

Plus:     20 hours per month (5 hours per week)
Investment: $835/mo.

Preferred:   40 hours per month (10 hours per week)
Investment: $1,725/mo.


  • Priority service in projects
  • Provide art & creative direction, and execution as needed
  • Consultation
  • Design materials
  • Seamless integration into project and team workflow
  • Additional services available upon request

Additional Details:

  • There is no monthly minimum commitment
  • At the end of your month, each project and long term needs will be reviewed with each client as necessary
  • Unused hours will expire at the end of each month
  • Each retainer includes a set number of hours per week as outlined and/or contracted. Overage in hours each week will be billed at the standard hourly rate of per hour.