North Waveland provides retail and video licensing partnerships to educational institutions, cultural events, public & private gatherings, and to select individuals & entities who want to legally show, display, retail, distribute intellectual property managed by North Waveland.  Product categories include artistic renderings, video performances, workshop & educational curriculums, books, costumes, instruments, personal accessories, crafts, games, and novelty items.

As the liaison between the artists and licensing organizations or individuals, we assist from start to finish, including establishing contractual processes, negotiating licensing agreements, ensure brand assurance, and other duties as required. Outlined are several categories which reflect typical engagements and license types available for purchase.


With an extensive and growing library representing artistry from all over the globe, North Waveland works closely to collaborate with individuals and entities who are looking to create innovative projects of inclusion or leverage a platform built in conjunction with highly acclaimed and talented artists to meet brand campaign needs.


Our capabilities are perfect for online/offline integration for brand/product/customer/public experiences.  Be a partner in reshaping the narrative around cultural capital.  Leverage the halo of artistry, international travel & leisure, storytelling, and values in the areas traditional and contemporary artistry.

By reputation, North Waveland is considered a key contributor to brand guides for many of our partners.  Goals connected to medium, color and texture palettes, supporting imagery, photography, provocative positioning, and vocal and visual tonality — help create a compelling atmosphere for customers and brand interactions.


Distributorships are available as exclusive or non-exclusive options and vary by length of time.  Distribution license allows the licensee to act as an intermediary with cultural institutions and organizations as deemed appropriate to secure and establish a distribution chain to retail merchandise and select works as contracted. The licensee will be responsible for managing all inventory that enters the distribution chain from end-to-end.  This not only includes product transportation to retail establishments, but fulfillment services related to sale and service of products, receipt and processing of customer purchase orders, product warehousing, shipping, invoicing and collection.


  1. Standard License
    • A Standard License is a general license that can be used for artistic renderings and video performances with the intended purpose of displaying out-of-home.
  2. Non-Commercial License
    • Uses such as hand-made artwork, clothing, themed private parties, student projects, stage shows, etc.
  3. Media License
    • Uses include still images, textual excerpts for use in publications, exhibitions, presentations, and educational materials.
  4. Distribution License
    • Exclusive and non-exclusive license for the use of establishing a distribution chain.
  5. Retail License
    • A Retail License is a license which has the intended purpose of selling items as an individual reseller.
  6. Premium License
    • Any other license that’s not named within a category or group as outlined above.


The licensor is typically a North Waveland artist, artist manager or North Waveland directly. Licensing authority outside these parameters will be identified at the time of request.  Through each request we hope to gain as much about the project as possible to ensure all parties involved in the approval process can assess the opportunity and move towards next steps.  Initially we look to understand the creative direction or detailed description of the project.  Once all applicable documents have been received and reviewed, a license agreement will be drafted for endorsement, and will act as your license.


When you secure a license, it will cover the use of the licensed content for the item/media, term, and territory to which all parties have agreed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the license will require the licensee to indemnify North Waveland its artists , employees, representatives, and affiliates, and to hold North Waveland harmless from any and all loss, cost, damage, liability and expense, including attorneys’ fees arising out of any claim whatsoever, in connection with the licensee’s use of the licensed content. The licensee will be responsible for obtaining all waivers, permissions or approvals from any applicable domestic and international governing bodies or individual agreements or as otherwise required by law. The licensee will also assume responsibility for all other actual costs which may arise in connection with providing the licensed content.


Artistic materials may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of North Waveland. Any other reproduction or distribution, in whatever form and by whatever media, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of North Waveland and or its artists, employees, representatives, affiliates.

Each license is only good for the contracted terms of the agreement.   No portion thereof may be copied or duplicated in any manner. Violation of this is subject to the penalties set forth in the Federal Copyright Act.


Licensing costs vary depending on certain variables.  In an effort to be highly efficient we follow the 5 W’s rule:

  • WHAT — Needs to licensed?
  • WHEN — Date and Duration of campaign?
  • WHERE — Event location or where licensed item will be displayed or shown?
  • WHY — Description of project?

If there are plans to charge admission this must be stated in the request as well.  Applicable pricing plans will need to be considered for this aspect.  Typically, the license fee is a flat fee or a percentage of ticket sales, whichever is greater. An audience report is also required for this these requests as well.

Email Us directly at  to ensure a prompt response and quick turnaround.


  • Payments can be made via the website with a major credit card
  • If you should prefer to pay by check, the mailing address to remit payment will be enclosed on the agreement.  Please ensure checks are made payable to “North Waveland”, include the License Number Attn: Carnell Martin to assure proper delivery. 
  • For Purchase Order payments please indicate this method of payment on your request form.  For new vendors, a Vendor Form will need to be completed along with a W-9.


Once the license request has been reviewed, approved, and payment received — a confirmation email will be sent within 1-2 business days.   The confirmation email will act as your license for the duration of your campaign or project.


  • To ensure the greatest success for your event, we always suggest that you prepare for a 5-7 day delivery time.
  • If the license requested is for media, we encourage that you test the media with the same equipment that you plan to use during the event and view it in its entirety to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.
  • If the license requested is for materials, please prepare for not only delivery times but planning for installation.
  • To avoid penalties, we ask that you return your licensed item no later than the specified return date. As the licensee, you are responsible for the item while it is in your possession and until it has been received by North Waveland staff.  Additional charges will apply for any delay in returning items, up to and including additional license charges.
  • In most cases, shipping and handling will be included in the cost to purchase the license. This allows for more efficiency and to help avoid penalty charges.
  • Days of use will only be applicable as outlined in the license request. Additional days may be requested; however, they will be subject to the same review process as the initial request.
  • When advertising your event or campaign, only approved images provided by North Waveland will be permitted and may not be edited or altered.


A license may be canceled without obligation, although each individual cancellation request is reviewed for quality control. Cancellation requests must be received in writing no less than 10 business days before the event or engagement date. If notification is not received in this time frame, the full license fee and handling charges must be paid.

In the event you need to reschedule your event or campaign, the license will be good for up to 6 months of original license effective date at no additional fee or charge and if there are no pending requests for your item.  Freight charges may still apply.


Why do I need a license?

According to the Federal Copyright Act*, copyrighted materials can only be used for a public use if they’re properly licensed. However, the purchase of a product doesn’t carry the right to exhibit a public performance or exhibition outside of one’s home. North Waveland collects the public performance/exhibition to compensate the owners, creators, and administrators of the materials.

Federal Copyright Act* (Title 17, United States code, Public Law 94-553, 90 Stat. 2541

 How do I complete a license request?

Contact Us at .