North Waveland welcomes Corporate Partnerships to assist in advancing our mission and provide support that will enhance our programs.  We take pride in helping families and individuals find joy through the arts and discovering more of the world around them.

As a corporate partner you help to fulfill our mission – simply stated: To make a difference in the lives of others and communities around the world.  Corporate support at all levels help North Waveland to grow, and reach people and markets in need.  In a world where everyone is fighting for the right attention, we feel our story is compelling enough to provide our partners the brand value that yields not only a return on investment & experience but helps your organization to get one step closer to its Corporate Social goals.

We are committed to empowering youth, women, and individuals with disabilities with the resources to rise above poverty.  Your support enables us to invest in futures with positive outcomes through self-sufficiency. The goal of the mission is to help create micro-businesses, engage stakeholders, inject monetary and intellectual capital, develop skills, and activate community involvement.


  • We create engaging and unique experiences which allow for tailored messaging to fit your needs.
  • As a niche market, our highly engaged audience receive messaging in a clutter-free environment.

LEVERAGEoutreach through the experiences we create, approach to storytelling, cultural immersion from the items we sell, uniqueness of events, and global

  • Tackle issues that create business opportunities and ensure communities thrive.
  • Focus resources towards an evolving strategy and tailor our scope to align with the interests and needs of our artist and stakeholders.

COLLABORATE:With NGOs, governments, industry organizations and businesses to create and innovate.


  • Organizations that are dedicated to corporate sustainability & citizenship.
  • Goal driven businesses that seek to reinvigorate prospective and current customer connections through storytelling that impact brand development and/or brand enhancement.

PARTNERS: That see beyond their service territories and look to the global landscape for what’s next.

  • Those that invest in communities as a way of identifying new ways to unlock business and societal values.
  • Cultivators that seek ways to connect organizational stories that are often overlooked within the communities they impact and influence – the common connection of employee retention and recruitment strategies.

CONSTITUENCIES: that foster and welcome cultures that are diverse and inclusive.

  • Forward thinkers that transform the customer experience beyond the register.


  • Funds generated from partnerships will be used to directly enhance programs, artist development, and social good outreach efforts — with partners credited in highly visible and compelling ways.
  • Individuals and communities who reimagine the role the arts can play in the lives of others and the reach it can have around the world.

CULTURE: Focusing on visual arts, performing arts, crafts, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement as a tool that help move people.

  • All ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and educational levels.


    Education and access to educational content is a priority.  Lifelong learners who are typically self-motivated.
    Higher income earners, college graduate degree holders, exhibit key financial behaviors.
    Passionate about the artistic experience and brand loyal to organizations that financially contribute to charities and the arts.
    Drive trends and belong to affinity groups that participate in (3) or more public activities regularly.
    Longstanding legacy of investing in the communities in which they live and frequent cultural events.
    Encourage friends and family to take part in causes that matter and champion product lines that reflect their values.


47.8% Women, 52.2% Men

18-34       27.2%
18-49       47.7%
25-54      47.9%
35-64      48.1%

High School Graduate     21%
Some College                     35%
College Graduate              26%
Advanced Degree             17%

$35-$50K                           20.3%
$50-$75K                           20.5%
$75-$100K                         14.6%
$100-$150K                      14.7%
$150K+                                  5.0%


  • Strive to make aspirations  attainable and create goals that reflect the future we hope to see.
  • Actively engage NGOs, associations and industry partners to create, innovate and champion the arts on a global scale – which furthers careers and help other to ascend from a low-income status including poverty.
  • Identify areas where solutions are most needed and key partners that can help impact change while helping to reach their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.
  • Cross pollinate the arts with product lines. Highlight key attributes that reflect both value proposition and cultural curation which leads to wider connections.
  • Support growth and development through education. Help audiences to discover new artists and a world beyond their own.
  • Provide artists opportunities to grow professionally and develop the skill-set of others to ensure they can be self-sustaining for themselves, their families and their communities.
  • Mobilize communities with the focus of fostering connections to ensure diverse cultures are welcome and inclusive.
  • Remove the barrier between public and private events. Allow the arts to bring the community to your business/school and your business/school to the community. Highlight recruitment and employee retention opportunities that can be found throughout events that promote educational empowerment.
  • Identify purpose-driven companies that allow the arts to be an investment in both workforce and work spaces.
  • Create unique partnerships that shape a more connected culture, while identifying ways CSR activities can drive cost savings, new customer acquisition, customer retention, reputation enhancements, and relationships.


Join us today to help advance the mission of creating extraordinary experiences through art programs and performances that educate & entertain with the purpose of creating a closer community and enhancing lives.

Platinum ($50,000+)

  • Customized benefits (including naming and marketing opportunities)
  • VIP engagements for your company’s special events
  • Private performance/Exhibition at your company’s event/party/meeting on or off-site
  • Your logo included in paid advertising

Plus all benefits listed below…

Partners ($25,000+)

  • Full page ads or inserts in event programs (upsized)
  • “Presented by” billing at sponsored events
  • Company Logo on website – 1 year

 Plus all benefits listed below…

 Producers ($10,000+)

  • ½ page ad in event programs (upsized)
  • Complimentary Best of House tickets for your sponsored performance
  • Access to VIP lounge before your sponsored performance
  • Acknowledgement for your sponsorship during the curtain speech
  • VIP parking
  • Company Logo on website – 6 months

Plus all benefits listed below…

Directors ($5,000+)

  • ¼ page ad in event program
  • Complimentary tickets for your sponsored performance
  • Company Logo on website – 3 months

Plus all benefits listed below…

Designer ($1,000+)

  • Contextual Ad in event programs
  • Company Logo on website – 1 month
  • Logo Recognition in reception lobby
  • Complimentary tickets to the show of your choice