North Waveland looks to solve the last mile challenges when it comes to connecting artists to performing and exhibition venues. Through this initiative we look to connect the dots between frequent travelers and artists in need to help offset the costs associated with traveling.  With your support, your donations will go towards the purchase of a one-way or round-trip airline ticket and or lodging if necessary.   Flights are made possible through frequent flyer mile and reward point donations made by business organizations and/or individual airline passengers.

Every mile or reward donated will help artists to travel to destinations both foreign and domestic to bring their artistic abilities to communities that in many cases may have never heard of the places the artists are from nor familiar with the styles in which the artists create.

The intended purpose is to bring local experiences of the world to populations not typically served by today’s art and performance cannon.


Airline Miles

Most major airlines offer ways for their frequent flyer members to donate their miles.  Here are few steps to consider:

  1. Start at the airline’s website
  2. While on the airline’s website, login to your frequent flyer account to review the number of miles you have available. Some frequent traveler programs have a minimum number of miles that you will have to have in your account prior to donating.
  3. Although North Waveland works with charities, we are not a charity ourselves, so you will have to search for the individual donation option.
  4. Alternatively, you can also donate miles over the phone by calling the airline’s frequent traveler or loyalty customer desk phone number.

Credit Card Users

Many credit card companies offer options for account holders to donate their rewards.  Here are a few.  Please consult your financial institution for further guidance.

Hotel Loyalty Programs

Hotels across the globe operate varying point donation options.  Many waive or have no transfer fee depending on the cause, additionally some also have donation bonuses when requested.  Typical increments range from 1,000 up to 100,000 points and can be transferred as many times as you like in a calendar year until the cap is met.  Given the robust number of hotel reward programs, we suggest you contact them directly for specific details on transfer options.

All artists at some point require travel, and many that North Waveland partners with due to the locations in which they live [globally] almost depend on it. If you’re considering ways to lend your resources to help advance our mission, please support today!


Question: My miles will expire soon.  Can I still donate them?

Answer: Instead of redeeming your miles on something you don’t need or allowing them to expire, we will accept all miles within 48 hours from expiration.

Question:  What is the tax deductibility on donating miles?

Answer:  The IRS recognizes award points and miles as a gift or an award from the corporation/individual to the individual. Therefore, points and frequent flier miles donated are not considered tax deductible. For further information consult IRS Publication 526.

Question: Are there privacy restrictions when donating?

Answer: Most certainly.  To protect donor privacy, no information is ever released on the person or entity that’s donating.  For further details on your privacy rights, please contact the airline, credit card company, financial institution, or hotel  directly.

Question: Who are your airline, credit card, hotel partners?

Answer: All major airlines that currently have a frequent travel program and credit card/banking institutions, and most hotels that allow for reward transfers are considered partners.  We welcome donations from most sources and can be as flexible as needed. For further questions, please contact us directly.

Question: What type of recognition options are available for donating?

Answer: Available upon request.

Question:  How will I know that the miles or rewards have successfully transferred?

Answer: Due to privacy restrictions, we cannot verify donations. However, you can contact your airline, financial institution or hotel for verification.

Question: Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Answer: Please direct all questions to and add “Miles” in the subject line.