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Davido is a visual artist from the suburban city Khomasdal located in the south-western area of Namibia. Founded by “Colored People” which ironically is different than “People of Color” as we recognize it here in the US.  “Colored People” in general in Africa and in Namibia specifically refers to people of both African and European ancestry.  This South African country like other areas of the region were also impacted by apartheid rule and colonization. Juxtaposed to its tumultuous past, Namibia is also full of serene and picturesque landscapes like the desert surrounding Khomasdal that stretches to the ocean side in Walvis Bay —   naturally making it a place of solace. The Sub-Saharan utopia has been the perfect muse for any artist searching for inspiration and has advanced Davido’s works forward in the art community.

Specializing in photography, videography, and graphic design.  Davido uses mixed media along with pointillism styles in his works in a variety of ways.  His techniques can be found as far back as the start of his art journey while in high school and then shaped in college while pursing his visual arts degree.  Inspiration although it seems to be everywhere in Namibia, Davido looks to focus specifically on subjects and issues that are impacting his community and county.


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