Hage Nasheotwalwa

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Hage was born in the rural village of Okalongo which is located in northern Namibia and practically sharing a border with Angola. Given the rural state of this area many trek the 7 hour drive to the country’s capital Windhoek for its sprawling city aesthetic.  Many visit Okalongo to escape city life and enjoy the desert landscape and participate in extreme sports like off-roading.

Namibia is recognized for its diverse wildlife, landscapes, and cultures. Today you can still find remnants from German colonial-era throughout many cities. Hage looks to these dualities for inspiration, specifically how people live, respond to their environments, and the emotions that fill them. Through his art, it’s an expression of feelings and thoughts.

In his own words: “I think it’s my responsibility as an artist to share what’s received from the world and what  needs to be given back to it.  My art means everything to me, and it motivates me to keep going. It’s truly a form of positive inward and outward expressions artistically and I hope my works are received as something different than other artists.


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