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Zenzele is from the capital city of Lusaka, Zambia.  One of the fastest growing cities in Southern Africa, known for its grand markets and arts and crafts culture. Monuments like the Freedom Statue which commemorates Zambia’s independence, national parks and animal sanctuaries are also attractions that draw in visitors from around the world.

Even with the fast growth that Lusaka has seen, it continues to be a difficult place for many artists to reach the level of notoriety that other artists in the surrounding areas of Southern Africa have achieved.  As a full-time artist Zenzele utilizes his passion for the arts to earn a living despite the few avenues for selling art that may be present currently.  As a personal campaign, he looks to empower and continue to build the confidence of the local people.  Through his efforts, Zenzele believes it will not only make a local impact but shine a positive light on the great continent which is Africa.

In his own words: “I am a self-motivated artist with a Pan African agenda.  Embedded in my philosophy is the representation of ancient African civilizations, traditions and heritage as told by Great Senegalese scholar Prof. Chiekh Anta Diop.  This modality is my inspiration.  As an artist, I look to be an activist for the things I love the most and encourage other artists to do the same.  In doing so, we can become a catalyst for the African Renaissance.”


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