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Siyabonga was born in the small town of Bizana located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.  This area is famous for also sharing the birthplace of Winnie Mandela and anti-apartheid politician Oliver Tambo.  Built with a mixture of warm hospitality, cultural sites, and breathtaking landscapes mixed with the click language of Xhosa tribal traditions make this location like no other in the world.

Almost love at first sight, Siyabonga became smitten with art as a child and by the time he finished high school it was a full-blown love affair.  While in college he studied Art and Design and focused his attention on nature and various color palettes. Upon graduating, his mediums of choice became acrylics, fabrics, stones, grass, ink, and graphite.  As his artistic skill-set matured, he began experimenting with various styles and techniques, which ultimately lead him to discover a style that would later become his signature.  Identified as Superblur African Synthetic Cubism, the style’s aim is to entertain the viewer with beauty and desire that the eye cannot see but only the heart can feel.  Similarly, to the way we interpret music subconsciously that has touched our lives in ways that become forever memorable.

In his own words: “My work stems from observations while problem solving. I look to do it in a way that is honest and from a distance. My influences explore the idea of changing lives in the world through meaningful messages and stories of everyday happenings.  I am also a poet, therefore no matter if I’m being artistic through mixed media or words, I hope to convey a message of LOVE that hits the heart and spirit of all that I encounter.”


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