Musa Justice Mathonsi (Justice)

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Justice is from the South African province Limpopo. Born in a rural village of Ribungwani also known as Rib-City by locals, this village is recognized for the continued practice of cultural traditions and customs.  It is a form of identity in many sorts to those that live here.  Through the power of artistic expression, it provides a since of self-empowerment to most which also contributes to the community around them.

Upon first meeting Justice you will immediately recognize his humble demeanor. One that enjoys collaboration, he recognizes his ability and contribution is one that needs to be shared with the world. Justice also has a reoccurring motif that features elderly people.  This is probably due to the unbreakable bond he had with his grandparents.   Through the portrayal of older figurative subjects the artistry puts a focus on the lives of individuals from previous generations that endured to provide a better tomorrow for those that followed them.  The roads travel in their footsteps provide guidance to a time that once was and will forever be remembered, and Justice looks to ensure that story is forever told through his works.

In his own words: “My inspiration comes from the people of my community and my family.  Through the values my grandmother and grandfather shared with me, it gave me the confidence to follow my dreams.  I made a promise to my grandmother to ensure I shared with all the traditions of the community that raised me.  Illustrating traditional dancing, clothing, and landscapes in my works is a reoccurring theme — all due to the promise I made to my grandmother. As an artist, I try to connect to the viewer through a lens of clarity through my imagery. Although, many of my works provide a glimpse into a world that many have yet to see with their own eyes, I try to create recognizable themes so that the viewer can see themselves in my village.”


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