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Liberty was born in the city of Bulawayo in the southwest region of Zimbabwe.  Many tourists visit this area for the national parks, but it is also home to Stone Age cave art –you may have read about it in your art history books.  The area is also popular for the Nesbitt Castle and the surviving ancient ruins like the UNESCO world heritage site Khami Ruins.

The visual artist is experienced in a variety of media, but the medium of choice has been drawing due to the emotional attachment he has to it that started from his youth. At the age of 6 Liberty began drawing cars and cartoons, and almost immediately he fell in love it.

Captivated by the way he could create textures, depth, and illusions of color – this provided a form of escapism into worlds that he could believe only existed in his dreams.  Inspired by international and local artists, Liberty began studying art & design in college where he adopted the realism techniques that he still uses today.

In his own words: “I want to portray life, botanical landscapes, and wildlife in my drawings.  These subjects are symbolic to my culture and society.  Although I’ve won many awards and my works have been featured in various exhibitions throughout Africa, time-and-time again my proudest moments come from the joy I see in the faces of those that enjoy my work.”


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