Othmane EL Idrissi

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Othmane is from Marrakesh, Morocco one of the jewel cities of Africa.  Known for its kind people and stunning architecture.  Many visitors from all over the world have a hard time departing because of the vibrant colors all around, great weather, diverse cultural landscape, food, and aromas that seem to be heavenly.

Othmane has been revered for his ability to make something from nothing.  A brilliant mind and artistically gifted to boot, he has the ability to see what many overlook or stop short of when reaching the depths of possibility in art.  Inspired by his friends, surroundings, disappointments, triumphs and the world of animation & comic books – he’s truly a once in a generation storyteller.

Authenticity is one of the cornerstones of Othmane’s approach to art.  As an artist he feels obligated to creating art based off his own reference points and experience. When approaching his works, sometimes his ideas just come over him. Often, he stays up all night, either envisioning how something will look or taking to paper to draw it out until the creative moment passes. Othmane in a philosophical sense has found art to be a bridge of understanding. Either you arrive at knowing more about who he is as an artist or the art provides a sense of understanding which connects people to the imagery he depicts and portrays.

In his own words: “I use comics to tell stories that are more intimate and murals to reach the masses and allow the details to tell the full story. I love both mediums, however, I’ve found each to be powerful in their own ways to serve their own purpose.  To me its more than just being about beautifying a space or adding ink to a page. My murals welcome people to a place, it is available for everyone so it removes boundaries, it can be a focal point of an area or a landmark in which people meet.  It organically becomes a resident like the people that live there. Conversely, my comics share a similar sentiment – it is an investment in a creative process that allow us both to embark on a visual journey.”


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