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Kamal is a third generation Kenyan of Indian origin. Born in Nairobi, a city notably recognized as the safari capital of Africa.  Moreover, the Kenyan mega-city is one of Africa’s most populous and popular locations for tourists both international and domestic.   An urban sprawl with a spectacular nightlife and even more wonderful wildlife to enjoy.  Home to the high jumping and distinctively dressed & jeweled Maasai Tribe. Exports here seem to be plentiful some of the most popular include coffee and tea. The city and region is a grand metropolis that serves as a backdrop to the world-famous Nairobi National Park.

Kamal has a long list of industry experience as an international exhibitionist, featured artist, and reoccurring gallery resident.  The visual artist holds a post graduate designation in which he was educated and trained in English Literature, Fine Arts, and Textile Design at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom (UK).

Through the interplay of colors, math, geography, and accidental juxtapositions Kamal’s works create a fascination to explore further. Search within the figurative language of Kamal’s pictorials or the depth of his abstraction that’s an adventure of possibilities and thought.  The methodology in his works have been featured on CNN and art periodicals. Future projects continue to expand the globe, including those that support art foundations and expanding the art canon which includes his mother land and ancestral heritage.

In his own words:  “Artistically, I am moved by the spirit and energy of the world around me, and the fabric of my heritage. I prefer to not be categorized to any specific ethnicity. However, my artistry reflects both Asia and Africa through impulses and a force that works through me.”


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