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Raheel is from the city of Omdurman the second largest in Sudan, and is located on the western bank of Nile River. The city is historically recognized for the Battle of Omdurman between Britain and the Sudanese people. Consequently, this battle can also be pinpointed to the fall of Sudan to British rule.  Today, the city attracts visitors from around the globe.  Many come to see the many religious monuments including Mahdi’s tomb, some of the world’s largest mosques, and the famous Souqs (marketplaces).  The cultural melting pot is rich in traditions as it is in the many tongues linguistically that have been spoken here.

Inspired by culture and history, Raheel looks to the folklore that has been passed down from generation to generation and its propagation as subject matter.   Intentional in her approach, she uses moments in history that represent the code of humanity, war, and her adolescence as vessels to communicate in her works. The self-taught artist openly admits that since her youth she has been attracted to the way art transposes ideas.  Currently, she teaches visual arts and this philosophy to her students which range from kindergarten to university level.

In her own words: “l believe as citizens of the world we all have something in common that links us to one another. As an artist, it is my responsibility to be a messenger that illustrates that common bond – all while being a conduit of inspiration that invokes hope.  I look to my art as a form of education, it is also a representation of all that I am: my life and my mind in equal parts.  It means everything to me.”


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