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Addis is from the capital city of Addis Ababa located in the center of Ethiopia.  The oldest independent country in Africa is filled with its own traditional art style and heritage that stretches back as far as the 4th Century.  Distinctive traditions that include portrayals of religion, icons, illuminated manuscripts, and landscapes just to name a few.  The harmonious city is jammed with fascinating cultural landmarks, amazing food that you would only find here, and an unparalleled coffee culture.

Inspired by issues faced by his country, Addis feels its critical to growth to communicate complex subjects with the hopes of magnifying a person’s curiosity that evokes action.  He exclaims with passion that Art is a universal language. Through pictorials he finds success in attracting not only those who love the imagery, but he has found a way to introduce ideologies that sometimes are overlooked.

In his own words:  “I feel it is my responsibility to illustrate things in different ways, direction, angles, and perspectives.  I feature immigrants from Africa in my work often.  The portrayal of illegal immigration and the humanistic attributes that go unnoticed in the ills of society allow me to express myself in ways that has meaning and personal.”


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