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Rumariza Brave artistically known as Brave Tangz was born in the capital city of Kigali located in the center of Rwanda. An area known to much of the world as ground-zero for the Rwanda genocide that sparked mass deaths associated with the country’s civil war.  Emerging from a tumultuous past, Kigali is filled with wonders and attractions. Recognized for its unforgettable terrain – notably “the land of a thousand hills”, gorillas that roam the countryside without boundaries, free festivals and concerts that add a vibrancy to the community, culturally attractive day-trips, and excursions off the beaten path.  The area is certainly a marvel among marvels.

Brave started his artistic career in visual arts as a self-taught painter — mostly, because of the way it made him feel.  Since his teen years, he has been fascinated with the art form and was motivated to study fine arts with the hopes that he could one day be received well enough to make a difference in the lives of others.

Working as a full-time artist, he still finds time to support local galleries and schools.  He has mentored young artists and provides free workshops.  Additionally, he is the program chair for an art project he started to help handicap and mental children. He exhibits regularly throughout Africa and has installations and works on loan to Hotel de Mille Collines, Rwanda and possibly the regions most famous hotel.

In his own words: “I’m inspired by the human body.  I try to communicate what may be on the minds of the people that observe my works allowing themselves to connect the meaning and see themselves in the piece.” 


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