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Yusuf is from the township of Bweyogerere in the Wakiso District of Southern Uganda.  Located in the hills of what some would call a suburb of Kampala is popularly known as the Home of Ugandan Soccer, and is situated along the travel route to and from Kenya.  Home to many tribes and bustling businesses, the city whose name translated means to “Talk” has been the Talk of Eastern Africa due to the city’s growth, ongoing construction projects, and the opening of the Mandela National Stadium.

Growing up in a place known for its natural beauty, Yusuf found inspiration in the world around him.  Magnetized by the allure of subjectivity provided by nature and the daily routines that reflected life — specifically the feelings & stories of people in society; he felt compelled to interpret the tenor of these narratives as an untold discourse.

In his own words: ” feel it’s the obligation and responsibility of every artist to bring a positive impact to the world. My approach is to educate and translate what living a harmonious life means to me.  I believe art provides a vantage point through a window to a world of beauty that only requires you to look.  I hope that my works are received as an exclamation of wonder that connects abstract languages and realism to emotional and visual sensations.”


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