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Yohannes is from the community of Gurd Shola a mixed-use district just outside the capital city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A popular urban area that blends residential, commercial, and cultural entertainment.  An area built on community to provide a reprieve from the density of the big city of Addis Ababa through its public open spaces and sports venues.

Today, Yohannes is a full-time artist whose introduction to the visual arts was self-taught then later matured in college while pursuing his degree in Fine Arts and Design. Specializing in realism and mix media conceptual genres, he uses a blend of oils, paints, and charcoals to develop and diversify his artistic philosophy.  Regularly exhibiting locally throughout Africa and abroad, Yohannes looks to examine architecture, the human condition, and culture to better understand progression both in serious and humorous tones.

In his own words: “Many of my works reflect people that represent individuals and objects on the scale of life at all levels.  To me, aging signifies the progression. A cyclical representation of transitions in stages of development. There’s something to learn in all that we see.  I’m inspired by the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of living and non-living things. There’s a natural law to life that we must obey – even if we intend to or not.  In my works I look to express these attributes.”   



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