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Daniel is from the capital city of Addis Ababa located in Ethiopia.  Spectacular sceneries, adventure, and warm welcomes are just a few things that await you here.  Many are drawn to the smells of the country’s culinary excellence and coffee brewing – which historically happened here first. The panorama of the region is lush and perfect for those that are attracted to mountainous landscapes. Moreover, the Simien Mountains national park is home to some of the world’s rarest breeds of monkeys and wolves.

While working towards his post graduate degrees in Sculpture and Fine Arts he discovered his signature style.  Through what he perceives as the disorders, crowds, and gaps in living standards within society Daniel has found a closeness between each area that we share that he looks to capture in his works.   Highlighting what may be considered as a miscommunication and misunderstanding between humanity in areas like language, culture and religion Daniel identifies the cause for barriers and conflict, which in some cases lead to greater consequences like violence and war.

In his own words: “Art and artists like myself represent a few among many in the world that can overcome differences, mostly because we use something that each of us share – the sense of sight.  Whether through a painting, sculpture, photography or visual performance; anyone can form an opinion or engage with an artwork based on its appearance. I believe this sentiment is a perfect example of how we may see the same thing but appreciate it in different ways with no right or wrong conclusion.    For this reason, this is what attracted me to art and design in the first place.  As an artist, through my works I look to reshape the paradigm from what’s “right and wrong” to what’s “right and right”.


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