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Solomon was born in the middle of the Mercato,  the open-air marketplace in the center of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Outfitted with a cacophony of sounds and rhythms, the environment was like a soundtrack to the movie of his life.  A place known to many for its natural wonders and ancient culture; Addis Ababa is also home of some of the greatest athletes on the planet, Ethio-Jazz music, and art sanctuaries developed for arts education, community building, and creative exploration.

Inspired by the Mercato, the hue of the dust and dirt littering the streets, the color of the rusty roofs and shanty houses, the actions of the beggars and drunkards, the shoe-shiners, and the street vendors, all of which held a unique place in Solomon’s spirit and is reflected in his works.  Moved by the iconography in the church, the imagery compelled Soloman to develop his drawing skills and fueled his passion which ultimately carried him on to college to study Fine Arts and Design.  After obtaining his degree, he went on to establish the Saron Art Studio where he worked as a full-time artist.  Today, Solomon exhibits around the world with reoccurring exhibits and residencies in the US, Africa, and Europe.

In his own words: “My paintings are reflections of the stories, thoughts and ideas I want to express about myself, my culture, and the human condition in general. I believe sharing these concepts will help connect people with their own feelings and with the humanness we all share and in some small way, help bring the world community closer with one another.”



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