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Nadia is a contemporary artist from Nairobi, Kenya. An area widely recognized as the world’s most popular safari destination, famous for its endangered black rhinos, zebras and giraffes.

Tragically, Nadia suffered hearing loss as a child, however she uses her paintbrush to communicate her intimate thoughts. With an artistic journey that can stretch back as far as when she was old enough to hold a pencil, almost immediately she discovered who she was destined to be. This moment, ultimately led to a time when her mother purchased some watercolors and brushes, and from that day she never let it go. Due to her limited ability to communicate with others, she used painting to destress and express herself.

Inspired by her father, he encouraged her to continue to paint regardless of what some would consider a disability. He noticed Nadia’s passion and with great haste enrolled her in art school to help nature her talent and expose her to the art world.  Nadia’s subject matter focuses on areas that matter to her and have personal meaning including; landscapes, human trafficking, feminism, culture, and nudity. A visual artist that uses mix media, illustration, and murals as her forms of expression.

Mentored by renowned local artists and apprenticing at local institutions propelled her career forward.  Her works grabbed the attention of many collectors locally and abroad, ultimately landing her exhibitions throughout Africa.

In her own words: “I lost my hearing at the age of three after a strong dose of antibiotics that was administered by a doctor. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I just looked to make the best of what I was given and not what was taken away.  I am a twin, and I feel WE either as family or individuals in society all have roles to play.  In my case, my sister is the chatterbox and I’m the artist.” 


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