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Denis is a Ugandan visual artist from the capital city Kampala.  The urban sprawl is a cacophony of raring automobile and motorcycle engines traversing the roadways, hordes of people occupying and exiting  sky-scrapers, and a vibrancy on most days that would equal any summer music festival in the US.  The coming and going of society is the playground for Denis in which he portrays this diversity through his works.

Through the use of playful figures and abstraction he looks to tell a story that’s full of drama that reflects the society of Kampala and Uganda as a whole.  While in pursuit of his postgraduate degree in Art Education, he continued to exhibit throughout Africa which led to a residency at the prominent intuition 32° East/ Uganda Arts Trust. He continues to be a staple in his community.

In his own words: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. This encourages me to always follow my heart no matter what. I will never follow society’s standards and norms because they do not define me. My works represent my character and lifestyle.”


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