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Masoud is from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania once recognized for being just a fishing port has now become one of Africa’s busiest commercialized areas. Translated, the city’s name means “Haven of Peace”, and that’s exactly what you will find along its gorgeous clear blue shores.  An area rich in diversity that’s known for its close kinship between African, Arabic, and Indian cultures, along with architecture that adorns its streets of British, German, and Asian influences.

Masoud is a passionate young painter with a keen eye for beauty. His work captures and preserves the culture and traditions of the Tanzanian community. His signature style is the seamless blend of cubism and African figurative painting on abstract backgrounds.  However, he is also revered for his realism works as well, which encapsulates life and depth within his impressions.

Inspired and mentored by notable local painters, Masoud pushed forward and ultimately secured his first exhibition at the age of 19 in 2007. Since then he continues to exhibit locally and internationally.  Currently, his works are a part of the Silesian Museum collection in Opava, Czech Republic, and he has works in art networks between Taiwan, China, and Italy.

In his own words:  “Aesthetics are a big part of my work. I look to communicate emotions that make up the good, bad, and ugly truths of life that are portrayed with beautiful bright colors. My figures are adorned with traditional tattoos — I do this in remembrance of my Makuwa (grandmother) who had unique facial tattoos herself. I’ve found that this helps me to link my works to my family roots and educate the world.”  


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