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Eyasu is from Ziway, Ethiopia a town that sits in the middle of the country and along the road that connects the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to Nairobi, Kenya.  A popular fishing community known for its large variety of fish that comes from Lake Ziway.

Growing up, Eyasu’s interests seem to have always been in the arts.  Some of his earliest memories include art class when he was in elementary school.  He vividly remembers painting and drawing with the foreign volunteers and his teachers. This experience later influenced his pursuits while studying Heritage Conservation in college and attending training courses offered by the Russian Cultural Institute.  Upon successfully completing the training courses and earning his degree, it was decided that the next natural path would be to pursue art full-time as an artist.

When Eyasu’s not in the studio experimenting with new techniques and media, he enjoys working with charities that support the well being of children.  Inspired by nature and culture – including coffee which coincidentally has origins that go back as the 9th century in his homeland.   He uses art and a coffee color splash style as a form of expression that illustrates the simplicity and complexity of the world around us, love and peace, and the sorrow felt by minorities.



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