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Mehdi is from port city of Tangier, Morocco located at the peninsula that connects Africa to Europe – commonly known as the Strait of Gibraltar.  The city is one of the most famous in history popularized by the triumphs of the Phoenicians, historical landmarks like the Sultan’s Palace: Dar el Makhzen which dates back as far as the 17th century, and dozens of sites that are referenced in Greek mythology.

Mehdi has been passionate about the arts in general and street art specifically for as long as he could remember, both as a producer and observer.  Inspired by the culture within the city and throughout the country, Mehdi looks to elevate the power of street art by communicating things that matter to the masses with a Moroccan touch.

In his own words: “It is difficult for me to be a creative if my heart is not in it. Sometimes I feel I am pulled into my works. I’ve found it to be that when I make something with the fullness of my heart and love, others receive it with love – which helps to spread love.  Ultimately, I hope that my works not only illustrate something that is beautiful and may be cherished, but through the messaging I hope people grasp and inspire concepts that will help us find solutions to the problems we face.”


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