James “Jay SketchMasta” Kimathi

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Jay artistically known as SketchMasta is from the capital city of Nairobi in Kenya.  Although, Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya, it is also the safari capital of Africa and a metropolis overflowing with culture to satisfy the thirst of all interests.  With diversity at its core, the land that Maasai tribes once defended is now shared with a range of ethnic groups, headquarters to international businesses, and modern and contemporary architecture.

The self-taught artist is inspired by people in society and the everyday activities that surrounds us.   Moved by impressionism, Jay now leans to figurative art and portraits as a form of artistic journalism.  As a correspondent, he looks to capture a moment in time that represents a state of mind or emotion that pervades a subject, and his elocution takes place via the canvas.

Even as a full-time artist, Jay also runs a school where he assists under-privileged students that are artistically talented.  Art has been a labor of love that birthed a joy that many have experience through his works.  As an artist, Jay’s goal is to continue doing what he loves for as long as he can and lead his students toward their own paths to follow.

In his own words: “I’ve found that many artists look to illustrate the characteristics that make us the same.  Although, this sentiment may be true, I however, try to communicate the uniqueness that each person embodies within the varying environments we abode.  I feel portraiture’s allow the artist to capture the different emotions that influence our day to day life.  I see my work as a brand, and I try to educate my students to see their works in the same light.  If you evoke enough emotion in and through your works, you will always be remembered and for the right reasons.”



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