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Funso hails from Ayedun Ekiti located in the Local Government Area of the Ekiti State found in the Southwest region of Nigeria.  The once independent State prior to British colonialism was led by the Yoruba Kingdom.  Known as the Land of Honor & Integrity, today, the people of Ekiti continue to carry on their ancestral traditions through dress, dancing, and way of life – while adding contemporary complements like the many festivals that take place here.

The self-taught artist looks to preach through colors the gospel of unity to the world with the help of the Kingdom of Art.  Inspired by his father who art in heaven, Funso has established values in his works and work ethic that has characteristics of a visionary whose focus is on an everlasting measurement of time. One who believes there is no competition in art – and that it is an express road where overtaking is allowed and welcomed.

In his own words: “I am a full-time artist who not only loves to create, but loves helping others to improve their artistic skills.  While in my studio, there’s a level of enjoyment I find when people are inspired to learn.  My responsibility as an artist and instructor is to fulfill and activate desires in art throughout the communities of the world.  Art is my life and like the life it gives me, I enjoy giving it back.


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