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Joshua was born in the town of Keffi in the Nassarawa State of Central Nigeria.  Founded by Fulani warriors, the former slave outpost was also a trade route for caravans heading north.  This area was also known for columbite mining – which was used to make metals stronger and now used in most of the electronics we use. Moreover, farming crops like yams and cotton became a vital resource for this region.

As the youngest of five children, Joshua discovered he was artistic at the age of five and it quickly became an outlet in a crowded house. At the age of twelve he began painting, then upon graduating from high school he started to work as a full-time artist.

In his own words: “For me, art is a means of relating my feelings to world. My artworks most of the time portrays my feelings and moods. I’ve found that people are moved by what they see.  I try to be cognizant and sensitive to the world around me.  As a visual artist and introvert, I try to express this philosophy in my works.  When I paint, I feel connected to my subject and see my role as a conduit to help the subject connect with the world.  Hyperrealism and capturing children in organic environments have helped me to achieve this objective.”


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