Ibrahima Barry

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Ibrahima was born in the mountainous region of Mamou, Guinea in the valley of Fouta Djallon.  Within the jungle, rivers and valleys the rural community is a magnet for tourism for those in search of undisturbed cultures and landscapes.

While helping his mother as a child with painting of textiles he discovered a passion for drawing.  As his artistry matured his professional works conveyed the soul of his motherland — Africa. Using a variation of materials like national fabrics, raffia texture, carton, coconut fiber, and mastic e.g. building materials.  He reveals the spirit of the four regions of his country.

Barry exhibits throughout Africa regularly and has achieved notoriety locally and abroad – including a recent acknowledgement at the Russian Embassy. Moreover, he has been featured in French author and high-art collector Chantal Serrière’s book Essay, and has been a reoccurring participant in the globally famous DAK’ART Biennale in Dakar, Senegal.


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