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Koffi is from the village of Ahougnanou located in Didiévi the chief town of N’zikpli in the center of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).  Koffi’s family name “N’zi” represents that he is a decedent to the inhabitants to the land as it relates to the N’zi river; an offshoot of the Ivory Coast’s great river Comoé.  The river served as a passage for the Akan Tribe and conversely was sold off in large numbers to be slaves in the Americas.   The story of survival for those that remain can be to attributed to Queen Abla Pokou.  Through the creation of a protectorate created to prevent attacks from outsiders, a group of trained warriors served as a vanguard.

A country equally rich in history as it is artifacts and artistic identity, the Ivory Coast is an evolution of grand proportions. Case and point: The Dan Mask, created in the spirit of cubism and has been a center point for contemporary and folk art.  The value of Koffi’s art is second to none. His skillfully crafted approach can be identified in scholarship and practice.  As a reoccurring international exhibitor, he is also an activist for the promotion and education of African Fine Arts and African artistry in general – a foundation built on giving a voice to the voiceless.

In his own words: “In the artistic practice, I try to understand how African cultures feed into the contemporary creation landscape. Continuously, I theorize the idea of migration and how it can redefine the field of creation by relating it to my own artistic perspective.  This allows me to put myself in the position of witness and my works are an account of the moments captured. I hope this approach allows all to better understand the value of African art since its essence is in and will continue to be in all works.”


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