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Benedict is from the coastal city of Lagos located in the commercial center of Nigeria.  Surrounded by the Lagos Lagoon and the Gulf of Guinea which neighbors the equator separating both the North and the South Atlantic Oceans.    A true cosmopolitan city, that balances its nightlife and cultural attractions with its natural beauty like the shores of Victoria Island.  A metropolis of inspiration.

The fine arts educated artist, looks to express his love for beauty and life through his works.  Gravitated to the dimensions of depth art can provide, Benedict looks to figurative art as a way of articulating the human condition.  Capturing what can sometimes only be expressed as a voyeur, he looks to amplify issues pertaining to “Man” and the emotions that correspond both introspectively and esoterically through his works.

Inspired by his personal experiences and nature.  Benedict looks to provide a point of view that allows for a glimpse into the world that surrounds him. As an observer of his works, his vision is received as a journey fueled by a spirit that’s divine and lives within him.


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