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Joe likes to say “I was born twice” biologically he was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and artistically evolved in Algeria. The two countries shaped his youth and influenced the values that he continues to hold dear to this day.  With over 4,000 miles between each country, it was truly in a metaphorical sense – two worlds apart.

A self-proclaimed dreamer and lover of the limitless possibilities that life offers, Joe proudly encapsulates these attributes in his works, as well as the role gender plays in society.  Inspired by women and the condition of their lives in Algeria, this paradigm propelled his artistry.

His scholarship can be contributed to the duality that he sees within himself as Joe the instructor and Joe the student. He openly admits that his paintings have provided him the ability to learn from each collection, resulting in an elevated level of creativity as he moves from piece to piece.   This theory was substantiated when he was commissioned to create a wall mural for the French Institute of Algiers, and then again through his work that was entitled “Guernica de Joe” that was acquired by Societe Generale Bank. Each piece was revered for its mastery of technique and held the artistic viewpoint of history’s greatest painters.

With a style that’s a little cubic gumbo, mixed with the likes of Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, and Michelangelo; Joe culminates his love for women, and pursuit for perfection mixed with madness. This foundation allows him to convey a message of evolution.

In his own words: “For me, the artist must be avant-garde in society; He questions, He denounces, and He directs societal debates. I believe I was born an artist. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t drawing or being creative.  My works are my children and represents my existence on earth… it’s more than a love affair.”


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