Gastineau Massamba Maminah

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Gastineau was born in the Congo capital city Brazzaville.  Residents see the Congo as an earthly paradise where almost anything is possible. The welcoming city of Brazzaville is full of love equal to the love Gastineau’s mother and family showed him while growing up. This same community filled him with courage and support to pursuit the arts.

With over 20 years of artistry experience, the key to Gastineau’s success has been TIME itself. In his eyes, Time has been the best teacher and therapist. Living during this moment in time has provided Gastineau a front row seat to history, which is revealed in his works.

In his own words: “Through my works, I look to awaken people blinded by the control and manipulation of consciences in pursuit of personal interests and methods of consumerism.  My creative process is 7% Inspirations and 93% Diligence.  I look to tell stories without artifice.  I along with my peers are the thermometer to the world.  We look to not only measure the social temperature of society but communicate the gravity of situations and events that prevent forward progress of equal rights for all.”


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