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Charles-David is from the urban commune Cocody located in the city of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.  Cocody is widely recognized as a middle to high income suburb, home to politicians, businessmen, and dignitaries. As a whole, historically the city and country has had a tumultuous past which included war and crisis.  Today, many residents and international adventure seekers look past the past and towards a rising future.  Some say Abidjan is in the middle of everything and has a little something for everyone regardless of your standard of living. Inspired by international trends infused with the spirit of Africa, many come for the food, culture, and stay for the hospitality.

Through his works Charles-David looks to denounce cultural fascinations that has infantilized society or go unchecked.  He staunchly looks to shift the paradigm with his sensitive and poignant portrayals of the problems faced in society.  Academically trained in architecture, Charles-David looks to meld both disciplines into something that’s not only unique, but meaningful.  Contemporary in style and raw in composition. One who does not allow paint to sit up on the surface of subject matter, his rendering envelope a sincerity and sensitivity that’s dramatic and real.

In his own words: “Painting and architecture are my passions, but I keep family first!  With family as my chief aim and as an artist, I am responsible for communicating messages that become an essential document of society.  Through my works I look to create thought-provoking messages about the world that covers a range of challenges.  I hope that my artistic creations are decoded in a way that resonates with the observer and touch their personal values.  I also look to educate all while defying time and dig into the moment.”


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