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Koné is from Bingerville, Ivory Coast, a suburb of the economic capital city Abidjan. Although, Liberia may be recognized for having more than 60 ethnic groups, Bingerville was once the capital of the French Colony in the Ivory Coast, and a significant part of the country’s architecture adorns edifices of French colonialism.

Inspired by culture and traditions, it’s the African people specifically that Koné looks to as his muse for his works.  Spiritually compelled to capture the beliefs and way of life of the people of Africa, Koné sees it as a top priority to share the most accurate depiction of society through his work as someone that was born and raised from the community.

Academically, Koné holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and Archeology, and other accreditations include: mural & visual arts, semi-abstract & figurative arts, sculpting & carved objects, architectures & urbanization, and to his credit has a long list of certifications in the art discipline. He has exhibited internationally and continues to be recognized for his works through awards and published features in  professional journals. Working full-time as an artist and as an art teacher, Art is his life. He envelopes himself in it for the gratification that he gets out of it.

In his own words: “I try through my creations to show the importance of my culture. I feel as Africans we are the bedrock to the development of African countries. As an artist I must guide, educate, and raise awareness to subjects that matter.”


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