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Kenny Sanni artistically known as the “Pen-Freak” is from the town of Aiyepe Ijebu located in the Ogun State of Nigeria.  A border state to Lagos just to the south, Ogun has the notoriety of being the home to a monarchy where 6 Kings rule equally.  In a display of majesty, the Kings are celebrated and recognized during the state’s annual Ojude Oba festival.

The young hyper-realism artist creates through the use of colored ballpoint pens.  What started out as just a hobby quickly turned a passion into an obsession. The attraction to colors and art in general had a sense of magnetism that Kenny could not pull away from.

The self-proclaimed “Pen-Freak” provides admission to an enduring journey filled with personal memories and experiences, which he adamantly admits has allowed him to understand himself better. Through the portrayal of a life re-imagined where happiness and sadness coexists, it is the final destination of a hauntingly beautiful world captured through millions of strokes from a pen pressed to paper.

In his own words: “Art is a form of an escapade to me.  It gives me peace and a feeling of contentment.  It’s the only place where I feel I have complete freedom.  In return, art gives me the ability to illustrate how I wish for my life to be and the way I wish to see the world.  Through my works, the spirit of creativity communicates through me when I fail to find the words to express myself.”


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