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Hicham is from the imperial city Marrakech, Morocco.  The Berber inhabited region is lined with iconic Medinas commonly known as alleyways throughout the city and culturally brimming with history and majesty seemingly everywhere you turn.  Challenged to understand and embrace artistic expression through spirituality, Morocco has provided the perfect back drop to allow Hicham to reach this feat.  Attaching the eye to the heart and allow consciousness to do the rest of the work is the process in which he applies to both the viewer of his art and how he approaches his work.

Since his youth and possibly as far back as he could remember, he has always been fascinated by art.  Over time he gained notoriety for his street art and traditional works he created for family and friends.  Then one day he was approached to do a commissioned piece while working at his family’s butcher shop.  The opportunity cemented his focus in the field and his career took-off.  Focusing on portraits, landscapes, and Arabic calligraphy initially, then expanding to Pop Art with Moroccan references for diversity.

With a street art background, this gave Hicham a very unique approach to his creative process.  Through the use of bright colors, stencils, recycled materials combined with various street and formal art techniques — spectacular occurs in his works. Inspired by everyday life, family, friends and the landscapes he observes; Hicham also channels the spirit in which others are creative as the foundation of his inspiration.

In his own words: “Street art is a passionate journey through deep human experiences. For me personally, I look to challenge myself to understand and embrace the energy and spirit of the people. In my works, I do not necessarily seek to convey a message, however I find what I create to be the result of  instantaneous emotions driven by my state at the time.  Through my eyes to my heart is how I create. If a project doesn’t have a level of consciousness to it, it is nearly impossible for me to project the energy required to be involved – in a way I have to be called to it.”


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