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Gerry was born and raised in Enugu, Nigeria.  The coal mining town is also the capital city of the Enugu State. In addition to a having like names, the city and state linguistically comes from the native “Igbo” language meaning “Hill Top”.  Many tourists visit the region for its pyramids and natural wonders.

After graduating from the Institute of Management and Technology, Gerry taught art at the local college Auchi Polytechnic in Nigeria before becoming a full-time studio artist.  He is widely known as one of the leading experimentalist artists of generation in Africa.  Renowned for his disregard for generally accepted techniques and practices — this has given birth to many unique styles that he has manifested, which ultimately landed him the role as social director of the highly esteemed Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria.

Like many artists, Gerry’s works are inspired by experiences, situational occurrences, and daily human endeavors.  The underlying inspiration is executed through his subjects and themes expressed through his media.  His execution is often bold as it is in universal appeal.  The previously appointed, social director of the highly esteemed Guild Of Professional Fine Artists Of Nigeria (GFA), continues to educate and be recognized.  He along with his works have become a major point of reference among curious scholars in the discourse of contemporary art of Nigeria.


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