Through sport and promotion of health and wellness, we look to help students across the world to live more active lives.


As a commitment to mental and physical health, we believe Sport imparts great life lessons that become inherent values that are carried over a lifetime and shared with future generations.

North Waveland’s dedication to Wellness pushes us to seek out innovative ways to boost the confidence of program participants and create a sense of community through Sport.  We believe in harnessing the passion of individuals around the globe to help evolve and grow future leaders by removing obstacles that may stand in the way of success – all while having fun doing it!

We partner with industry leaders, youth advocacy and athletic organizations to help support our vision. Through our dedication we look to provide resources and enriching programs that create energetic atmospheres that ensure a positive development model for youth.


Question: How can Corporate Sponsors Help?

Answer: Corporate Sponsorship’s and financial contributions are used in several ways.  The idea is to use the funds to purchase all materials needed for the wellness programs locally.  The goal is to create a closed loop system where we are promoting wellness locally and injecting funds as a cash infusion to local businesses.

Currently there are several sponsorship tiers available to underwrite.

  • Equipment Sponsorship
  • Material Sponsorship
  • Location Sponsorship
  • Transportation Sponsorship

Question: Why are Corporate Sponsors with Local Identity desired?


Single answer… TRUST!

Expanded answer: We look to engage our Corporate Partners in a two-way partnership.  Corporate support helps us to achieve our goals, however we are also focused on achieving a return on investment for our partners. Programs that we are looking to incorporate will create memories that will last a lifetime. With that in mind, people buy products from people they know. We believe this idea goes both ways.  Brands with a local identity have a competitive advantage as people that have early adoption to products tend to be customers longer.  We hope that our Corporate Partners and their product brands will be a part of the lives of the program participants as an everlasting memory of their youth and purchasing behaviors in the future.

Corporate Sponsor Engagement Examples:

  • Online/Offline Promotion
  • Incorporate program participants in Corporate Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Activation
  • Product Placement

Question: How is Wellness an attribute of the Arts?

Answer:  We look to take the lessons learned through Sport and apply them to the lives of the program participants with the goal that it will serve them for the rest of their lives – including their participation in the Arts and Entrepreneurial endeavors. Additionally, we look to achieve a mind share among all on a global scale.

Examples include: Junior Chef Cookbooks, Junior Builder Design Manuals, Global Junior Athletics, among many more.