North Waveland aims to provide face-to-face instruction and digital resources in a workshop setting that’s designed to promote inclusion and fun!   The workshop provides memorable opportunities to enrich the lives of individuals with different backgrounds with the goal of educating, informing, and inspiring all to be global citizens.

Custom to each engagement and organized in tracks based on the goal and size of the group.


  • FUNdamentals
    Designed for all-ages and a blend of everything.
  • Fundraising
    Designed for special events aligned with fundraising goals for individual & crowdfunding sources.
  • Community Engagement
    Designed to bring entertainment and family fun to the community, complement community events or musical line-ups.
  • Corporate Events
    Designed to offer team-building, introduction of global and multicultural diversity, Holiday Parties, build morale. Be a part of the fun or just sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds.
  • Social Engagement
    Designed to support social media strategies, elevate brand awareness, identify new affinity groups or customer base, and amplify content themes and engagement.


An array of cultural participatory performances that cross international artistic disciplines.  A hope filled journey from end-to-end that brings Africa to you! Learn African rhythms, dance, and sounds of native instruments. It’s a fun way to bring together music and instruction.

  • Sample Performance Locations: Performing Arts Centers, Schools, Universities, Churches, Hospitals, Businesses, Festivals, among many more!

Participate as an individual or as a group to take your cultural experience even further through a variety of activities.  With an aim to spread and promote knowledge sharing of African crafts, we provide easy to follow instructions via a curriculum, instrument plans, and textile journals to help instructors engage their students or patrons.

North Waveland looks to impact lives beyond the stage. With engagements on or off campus, we’ve developed hands-on approach that has created a path to touch lives in a positive way and make communities better through shared experiences.

  • Clinics: May run from 1 day to 3 days. Ideal for groups of 20 or more at a time.
  • Residencies: May run for 1 week or more with a culminating performance by the students and performers.
    • Proudly supporting educators, students, and families – the program envelopes interaction and instruction through the following:
      • How to play traditional African instruments
      • Singalongs in English and Native African Languages
      • Improvise dance movements to accompany the songs
      • Create original compositions
      • Panel discussions
      • Role playing
  • Train-the-trainer: Timing is based on your availability.  Allow our performers to train your staff for the purpose of including our programs in your artistic classes.

We hope to not only entertain but challenge our audiences through thought-provoking performances and voices of inspiration. In a pursuit towards creating artistic excellence for all, we facilitate and or provide educational opportunities that promote full inclusion.  Each lesson plan created can fit within any teaching module including for those with disabilities.  Listen, learn, and engage as the artists speak in their native tongues and share stories & songs in English.

  • Guest Lecturer: Allow our artists to present details of African culture during a class or a special engagement outside of class time.
  • Performance Assembly: Special performances that are captivating and feature singalongs and traditional African rhythms and dancing.
  • Study Guide: For teachers and leaders that feature lesson plan suggestions, exercise routines, activities, and information that can enhance the cultural experience.

Encourage and invite students, adults, and families to consider our Connect & Exchange international program to gain a deeper connection to global communities.  The program is designed to forge a cultural path between the US and Africa. Areas of focus will include urban farming using native tools, immersion in the local school and multi-generational families. Explore your epicurious taste buds with tastings of local foods and traditions, or simply serve a meal side-by-side with community members.