North Waveland proudly collaborates and supports artists of all ages, those with amateur, and professional resumes, and nearly every socioeconomic background.  We are powered by a worldwide network of partners who are bonded in supporting the Arts and those in need.

All too often the Arts are becoming the first line item affected by budget cuts.  Many organizations, institutions and individuals are scrambling to not only find funding but are forced into roles that were previously foreign to them when it comes to fundraising, thus these actions have limited the amount of time available to exhibit and perform their works.

As a contributing part of our offerings North Waveland looks to pioneer creative efforts to push the Arts and Art education forward.   We hope to encourage and liberate artists of all ages to follow their artistic dreams as we work to remove barriers that may be in the way of the exploration, development and creativity they possess which transcends cultural & geographical boundaries.


  • Provide resources necessary to our partners to facilitate enriching programs and classroom materials for arts education
  • Deliver free materials to organizations and individuals in need
  • Cultivate opportunities for monetary donations and recycled goods
  • Facilitate a donor-to-artist and vice-versa approach to ensure needs are met and dreams and goals are materialized
  • Host engaging projects that bring the arts to communities as a platform; especially underserved neighborhoods, schools, playgrounds, parks and public spaces.
  • Transport art experiences to communities that may be out of reach to art institutions and performing art centers.
  • Illuminate the path to self-sufficiency


  • Individuals, Schools, Performing Arts Centers, Public and Private Organizations, Non-Profits, Art Institutions, and Faith Based Organizations


  • Establish a donation drop-off location
  • Host supply and literary drives
  • Sponsor an artists, instructor, or program
  • Donate Materials or Instruments
  • Donate Monetarily: Funds raised will be applied to cover applicable costs, shipping and handling, storage, facility costs, and any administrative costs that may be applicable.