Around the county many communities and individuals struggle to find the balance between surviving and living.  North Waveland looks to strengthen bonds and create memories that will last a lifetime by providing access to low-income households with the opportunity to attend cultural enrichment events through the Arts.

Our approach is in response to the limited to nil options available for individuals that can’t afford regular price or budget tickets.  With the growing costs for admission, associated fees, taxes, etc. – in addition to transportation costs, access to cultural events are becoming more and more out of the reach for many.

Through our meaningful experiences we look to spark an interest in the Arts, enhance each individual’s potential, ignite a passion that will contribute to their educational achievements and personal fulfillment.


Through a collaboration with North Waveland artists and ours partners we can provide cultural access to youth and families in need at no cost.  We believe that the Arts in all forms is a key driver of enrichment and equity that’s the foundation of family bonds. Programs like Kid Tix look to encourage and strengthen these bonds through memories that last generations.


  • Provide experiences that inspire for the under privileged and at-risk youth
  • Create an environment of inclusion
  • Strive to spark in
  • Narrow the opportunity & equity gap
  • Work to remove the obstacles that inhibit a deeper learning experience
  • Expand world views through the promotion of global citizenship
  • Partner with youth-serving community organizations who help foster futures without limits


  • Give monthly to help nurture an individual to help find their “raison d’etre” – purpose in life
  • Purchase individual tickets or a block of tickets for Kid Tix performances.
    • Send two friends
    • Send a child and his mom or dad
    • Send a family
    • Send a classroom
  • Sponsor a bus or Uber rides for transportation to performance venue & return trip home
  • Sponsor classroom materials or teaching guides for partnering educational institutions that include our works into their lesson plan prior to the performances


Question:  How does donating to Kid Tix Help?

Answer: Contributions of all sizes help in a number of ways.    Outlined below are just a few:

  • Ensures funding is available to serve the advancement of the Arts, Education and Enrichment which represents key pillars of our mission
  • Aid in expanding classroom curriculum by introducing new cultural concepts and world views into education
  • Further express your commitment to supporting the Arts with an organization that places value on removing barriers of entry and obstacles that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential
  • Donations are more than a kind gesture, but an investment in futures without limits

Question: Who is eligible for tickets?

Answer:  The objective is to remove the cost burden away from families that are looking to take part in our events or events in which we partner.  Through our community organization network, we will solicit inquiry requests as tickets or funding become available.