North Waveland’s philanthropic efforts are committed to providing in-kind support towards academic and entrepreneurial needs which include but not limited to school fees, supplies and materials, ancillary needs, travel, citizenship expenses, training, and housing.

With a desire to inform, educate and expose communities to the artistry and unique stories of the African Diaspora, it has been discovered that there are a significant number of challenges some artists face regularly that are associated with producing their works and scaling.  Many of these challenges are due to limited resources and opportunities to promote their works and a minimum number of platforms with reach that can help put a spotlight on their creative environments and cultural traditions – often, these areas are rarely seen in public and pop culture.

Through a mixture of accomplished & independent artists North Waveland looks to create awareness and educate all artistic palettes while supporting artists, entrepreneurs and at-risk youth.  As a facilitator of a “Help-Up” instead of a “Hand-Out” strategy, we look to be a catalyst of inclusion and diversity that allows for those in the inner-city, rural communities, poor/low-income, disabled, marginalized to reach their full potential.  An additional component of our efforts will include engagements with accomplished to help expand their traditional boundaries and artistic practice – with a focus on increasing exposure to new audiences and fandom.

We have observed the positive impact resulting from our philanthropy and it will continue to be a key part of our growth strategy.  It is our moral and social responsibility to improve the life of others when possible.  Moreover, we look to provide a path for enthusiasts of the arts and individuals from around the world – with an opportunity to add their stitch to the cultural fabric through contributions that strengthen communities in need and works that shape society.


As an advocate for inclusion, we hope to create positive environments that engage and empower all individuals and families, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   With an emphasis on charitable giving, philanthropy in this area has helped drive North Waveland’s core mission of being a holistic illustration of culture that connects international perspectives to local audiences which create meaningful relationships – through the lens of art, travel, and humanity.


Our pledge is to organizations and locations where an opportunity gaps exists in the areas of housing, education, and economic disparities. Outlined are a list of organizations we have teamed up with that mirror North Waveland’s values and have had a great impact in addressing economic and social issues that affect the quality of life.



  • Performing arts initiative: that uses the transformative power of music, dance, and storytelling to educate and empower young people to become independent global citizens.
  • More than just a dance troupe: Dance of Hope (DOH) is a powerful tool with which to share traditional African culture, history and traditions across the globe. 
  • DOH is made up of Ugandan youth performers ages 8-17: who have grown up in extreme poverty and have endured various adverse conditions, including separation from family, hunger, and in many cases, physical and mental abuse.
  • DOH strives to elevate youth empowerment and self-discovery: through their unique ability to connect with audiences.
  • Bring attention to barriers that prevent growth: lack of nutrition, shelter, clothing, and education have all contributed to continued challenges African children face when working to reach their full potential.

…Most of all they provide HOPE for a better future: No matter the social or economic background, geographical location, gender, or ethnicity DOH has found that love and acceptance is the foundation for change. 

M-LISADA Passion Primary School (UGANDA):

  • A place tailored to meet the specific needs of traumatized children: A first-class learning institution that incorporates life skills and psycho-social support into the school day; while addressing issues of distress and suffering.
  • Menstrual Health Projects: Working to reduce the trauma and stigma associated with menstruation among girls who can’t afford sanitary pads or manage their periods. Embarrassment due to menstruation has been a contributor to poverty and sky-high dropout rates. M-LISADA Passion Primary School has discovered innovative ways to make their own reusable, hygienic and environmentally friendly pads that has restored the dreams of thousands of girls.
  • Family Empowerment: Many students only have one living family member. Due to extreme situations, many of these children are unable to be cared for. M-LISADA Passion Primary School empowers families emotionally and financially, as we ll as provide psycho-social support, vocational training, and restore dignity to families affected by illness, poverty, wars and other traumas. 

Castelos do Sal (Cape Verde)

Provides a helping hand in building a bridge that supports the basic needs of at-risk children that have been neglected, exploited, or abandoned. Castelos has been a safe-haven that has yielded hope through their commitment to the personal development of children. The love in action organization contributes to the well-being of individuals through:

  • Food/Nutrition
  • Clothing
  • Education
  • Enrichment Programs
  • School Materials
  • Hygiene
  • Home-Away-From-Home
  • Social Protection
  • Humanitarian Support 

RABELartE (Cape Verde):

An isolated community who rebelled against Portuguese colonialism is home to African traditions that reflect a cultural history and way of life that’s nearly untouched from its origins.

  • A group that has been historically ousted from the rest of society: survived do to their ability to adapt to the land and environments.
  • Individuals that live a simple life and reject elements of modern society: With the absence of technology like the Internet and TV, the community’s time is spent hunting and gathering food, singing, dancing, and art.
  • Symbol of Freedom: Many Africans symbolically relate the resistance as the spirit of Cape Verdean independence against institutional powers.

Cognovate Academy (South Africa)


Is an education intervention non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with learning challenges and disabilities. The mission of the academy is to help identify children who struggle with math, reading, and the process of learning and provide them with the resources needed for a more enriching life.

Success through technology, the promotion of positive reinforcement and community has been key pillars to support Cognovate Academy’s vision — to help students to identify their strengths and develop approaches that empower individuals to: Understand how they learn and Unlock their full potential.

As a learning ally to local schools, Cognovate looks to remove the barriers commonly known to families in South Africa.  Many of the challenges that cause the barriers are often tied to expensive private options or long wait periods to see a specialist — which could be up to 6 months!

Although Cognovate’s mission is dedicated to improving the educational outcome of individuals with learning disabilities, the organization also looks to be a positive force for reducing crime.  Due to the connection between the level of education and crime rates, many of their programs have a socially conscious approach which focuses on holistic development. In doing so, the efforts are more than a crime prevention measure, but it plays a vital role in helping others to make a positive impact in and around the community they represent and are a part of.


  • Facilitate National Institutes of Health Assessments
  • Perform 90 Minute Training Sessions – Technical and Physical
  • Enact independent learning plans
  • Drive learning that’s flexible, in open learning environments, and interactive


  1. Child Sponsor
    • Child = $390.70 (1 ) year Sponsorship
      Includes: Cognitive, Physical, or Read Aloud  tract of program support
  2. Education Program Sponsor
    • Program = $2,919.65 (1) Month Sponsorship | $17,517.90 (6) Month Sponsorship | $35,035.80 (12) Month Sponsorship
      Includes: Program support training for up to 100 students
  3. Technology Sponsor
    • IT Materials = $10,603.60 Sponsorship
      Includes: Laptop/tablet/eReader, software, backup charging packs, protective materials– case or sleeve, Wi-Fi access
  4. Educational Materials Sponsor
    • Educational Materials: = $2,056.29 Sponsorship
      Includes: Books, paper, pencils, crayons, miscellaneous arts and crafts, physical activity kit
  5. Teaching Materials Sponsor
    • Teaching Materials: =$102.81 (1) Month Sponsorship | $616.86 (6) Month Sponsorship | $1233.72 (12) Month Sponsorship
      Includes: Teacher supplies – reams of paper, dry erase markers, tape, colored pencils/pens, staplers, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and other miscellaneous items as needed
  6. Nutrition Sponsor
    • Breakfast/Lunch/Snack: $1,009 (1) Month Sponsorship | $6,054 (6) Month Sponsorship | $12,108 (12) Month Sponsorship
      Includes: Reusable water bottle, lunch packs, snacks – fruit, vegetables, etc.


Social Good Campaigns help to establish support and implement solutions that address a variety of critical needs.  An example of which is North Waveland’s focus on collecting new and gently-used art supplies, photography and video equipment, and other associated materials.  The items are dispersed to artists and students that cannot afford the applicable expenses to continue their artistic and entrepreneurial pursuits.


Through the creation of enriching educational experiences through all aspects of the arts and its global form.  At its core, paves the way for more inclusion and enhanced sensitives.  We are positive that having the ability to view the world through someone else’s eyes — whose daily life is different than your own is a successful way of achieving this initiative.  Additionally, it connects people in ways they may have never imagined.

Through the utilization of key partners, campaigns, enrichment programs, exhibitions in: gallery & school settings, educational institutions, cultural facilities, among others allow North Waveland to reach the following strategic outcomes:

  • Empower and address the needs of artists around the world
  • Establish economic opportunities for artists
  • Curate exhibitions that are deeply woven in local environments through online and offline experiences
  • Help to formulate alternative institutions which engage new ideas and concepts that promote the arts
  • Nurture and provide a safe community where artists can feel supported
  • Evoke a curiosity in humanity to explore the similarities that each of our lives share
  • Through storytelling, allow the artistry to act as education which touches the heart
  • Orchestrate campaigns and develop partnerships that solve real world problems with the goal of: Making life better, Enriching culture, Cultivating & celebrate the talents of the diaspora