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Gedeon was born and raised in the town of Lakota located in the south-central area of the Ivory Coast.  The former French colony has both long historical roots in art and tribal influence. Many works that reflect the colonial period can be found in museums around the world.  Currently, there are plans in place for a historical reparation of sorts to return these works back to the country. In the wake of this correction, Gedeon looks to represent Ivory Coast’s future in the arts.

The self-taught artist turned to a professional career in the visual arts after completing his primary studies. In pursuit of his advance degree in art, he discovered his signature style which became a specialty in visual communications, specifically – drawing and hyperrealism.  Exhibiting globally, Gedeon has been a reoccurring artist in Paris, France and a major contributor to exhibitions like the Galerie Derel A’arts’ House of Africa exhibition.

In his own words: “I use a mixture of techniques.  My artistic process includes black stone, charcoal, and white stone.  Many themes portray a sensual staging of women as both a focus point or silhouette.  I look to question the psyche as to whether my artistic works are photographs or a drawings.”


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