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Wallace was born in capital city of Accra located in western Ghana.  The coastal city is at the epicenter of Ghanaian art.  An area once recognized for its farming and trade markets is now an urban sprawl full of artists looking to make their mark on the world through African traditions and Contemporary works. At the age of three, he and his family moved to Lagos, Nigeria where his paternal side of his family lived among the Okpe Kingdom in the Delta State.  Culturally and ancestrally inspired by way of Ghana and Nigeria, he embraced the spirit of both places which later helped to advance his career and further his studies – including earning a degree in painting.

Growing up, Wallace discovered his love for the visual arts after the pleasure he found in drawing the things around him like the people and landscapes.  His ability to capture the beauty of his culture received much acclaim.  Aspects of his natural talent that were recognized at a tender age can still be found in some of his renderings today. Celebrated for a signature style that is expressive and involves balance between paint and brush techniques. Wallace successfully manipulates oils and gracefully measures the relationship between his strokes and tone that creates a palette that is vivid.

In his own words: “I am a full-time artist, exhibiting throughout Africa and internationally regularly. I’m also a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA), and an Art Instructor at the Universal Studios of Art.  I look to be very much involved in the Art Community and helping others to develop their talents.  Over my career, I’ve found inspiration in many things, however, my greatest inspiration comes from the human figure and how light is reflected on and within them.  My brush is an extension of me. I use it to convey what I believe art should look like based on what I FEEL.  Moreover, in my photography I look to convey what I SEE, which may be beyond the norm or stories that are revealed to me in everyday life.”


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