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Sandra, is a Ugandan artist from the capital city of Kampala. Known as the city of hills is quickly getting closer to becoming the city of cranes do to is fast growth and numerous construction projects in the area. Lakeside eateries with a nightlife that can rival many urban areas in the US is just a small part of the attractions here. Depending on where you find yourself, fashion and the arts is easily noticeable by the many cultural influencers throughout the city. Many of which bring their own flare and style that creates a unique way of storying telling — both what it means to be African and a Ugandan.

Inspired by the African struggle, her roots, African traditions, the change of times in relation to women and the politics of skin color, although many of these themes may evoke a variety of emotions, Sandra is also inspired by the joys of love.  A multifaceted musician and model look’s to be the change she wishes to see. Representing the origins of her African roots and Black Women she hopes to inspire others to embrace who they are and elevate Africa’s profile in the world as a beautiful place filled with beautiful people and an abundance of cultural wonders to explore.

Uganda has a culture of philanthropy and often the church is at the center facilitating goodwill efforts.  Annually, Sandra uses her music and her platform to provide shoes and clothes to the community churches of Uganda to help support the youth.  She also works with many young girls in need on a 1:1 basis. Many of the girls she encounters are raised in impoverished conditions and struggle with many basic necessities like skin care and sanitary pads. As an advocate for female empowerment, Sandra empowers the girls that she helps by not only distributing the items they need, but through her music her lyrical content is uplifting with messages of hope which helps many of the girls identify their own voice and self-confidence.

In her own words: “Through my music I borrow from the past and blend it with contemporary rhythms filled with jazz baselines and sounds from my culture.  It can be considered an interpretation of what the youth experience on a daily – which I’ve found to be relatable quite often among many.   Portrayals of Africa in the media is often one sided or misguided.  The people here are kind and loving. We are a continent that has faced pain, genocide, apartheid, corruption and we still choose to rise above it.  The time is now for us to be the future.  I look to lead the charge and proudly shout BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL while doing so.”


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