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Malika was born in Nouakchott, Mauritania.  A coastal city and one of the largest in the Sahara. The city was primarily built out of necessity due to heavy drought in various areas in the region.  With little details documenting early civilizations here, Nouakchott has both a long and short history.  The former French colonial city and Moor inhabited region was a key route to Senegal and has been a location where people have migrated to for survival and a chance at a better life.

Raised in a family of artists and business professionals, Malika was taught early to nurture her craft. This propelled her to study visual arts with a concentration on photography and video.  While in college she created a specialized technique that she continues to use today.  Inspired by her uncle, who in his own right was a big figure in the art world and in Senegal’s art movement.  She adopted some of his best practices and incorporated them into her style and creative process. This provided a body of work that extenuates not only her love for the art form, but her love for family as well.

In her own words: “My photography and photography in general allows one to provide a point of view, tell a story of history, and share for chronicling purposes for future generations.  I hope to not only to continue to do this but also aspire to create a new language visually!”  


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