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Lina is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Cairo, Egypt.  The Nile River sprawling metropolis is a treasure trove of antiquities and contemporary art to boot. Known as being one of the biggest and oldest cities in the world, Cairo’s tantalizing mixture of culture and desert landscape is the perfect balance of history and charm.

Academically, she has studied Egyptology and holds a degree in fine arts with a focus on painting.  Additionally, she has completed fine arts course work internationally.  With over 70+ exhibitions globally to her credit, she continues to be an influencer in the art community, including reoccurring exhibitions throughout Europe’s most prestigious art galleries.  The award-winning figurative artist and filmmaker tries to involve the viewer in a dialogue between two or more personas in her paintings.  Through body language, color palette and semi-abstract backgrounds give hints at the nature and content of the interaction.  The mixed media representation helps to find inspiration in the complexity of the human psyche.

In her own words: “Egypt has a huge population that is very diverse in it’s cultural, social, racial, economic and ideological composition. It is also the home of countless layers of history and previous civilizations. This kaleidoscopic culture and salad bowl society inspires me to explore the human psyche and the common traits of all humans covered up by various differences. I find mixed media to be the ultimate material to express all the contradictions and rich details of life in Egypt. My art is both my passion and my job — I couldn’t imagine my life without it.” 



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