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Katlego who’s artistically known as K.C.L Twala grew up in the capital city of Gaborone located in Botswana, however she’s of Swati origin. Botswana has been the ultimate destination for trekkers seeking adventure. An urban sprawl that boomed after the discovery of diamonds in the 1970s. Today, many tourists seek out the destination for culture — a little new and little old, a diverse mixture of habitats featured in its game reserves, and or the panoramic 360-degree views found on Kgale Hill locally known as “The Sleeping Giant”.

Revered as a phenom, at an early age KCL was exposed to art and has dedicated her life to it ever since. Pinpointing her earliest moments to the days when she could barely hold a pencil, she remembers drawing and reciting poetry to her mother. Today she continues her artistry, however the self-taught expressionist now student constantly seeks out new ways to be artistic. Currently, her works comprise of a diverse mixture of disciplines ranging from painting, drawing, and abstraction.  As an expression of her artistry, she looks to capture the spirit of Africa and the Human Experience in her works. Despite the many hurdles the inhabitants of the continent have faced for generations, the people in general and the black people specifically are succeeding beyond the expectations of the oppression. KCL is a representation of this progress.

In her own words: “I look to illustrate the beauty and pride of my culture and embrace the hurdles as a test of character that has willed Black Confidence.  Shifting the cultural lens has allowed the world to see black life in an entirely new perspective where there’s comfort for the disturbed and a celebration for the good in life.  Art has been a part a part of my life almost since birth.  I am enthralled by the stories, the people, the impact, and the journey that art encapsulates.”


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