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Dora is from the urban sprawl and high-altitude capital Bogota, Colombia.  A majestic place that’s bountiful in beauty and natural biodiversity, scenic landscapes, and near perfect climate.  Bogota specifically and Colombia in general has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.  A place where there’s always something to celebrate often adjoined with can’t miss festivals – including BogotAfro Week. The weeklong festival that celebrates Bogota’s African roots and the abolition of slavery in 1851.

Led by her dedication to spirituality and self-improvement, Dora looks within, her family and the world around her for inspiration.  As an artist, she has found it to be her responsibility to ensure her works contribute to personal, spiritual and psychological growth and development – in both her personal life and society. In an ever-busy world, Dora looks to express her desires, beautify earth in engaging ways, motivate, create a community of joy, and present innocence in its various forms.

In her own words: “Children inspire me.  They are our little teachers. Through them I have learned that we must conquer ourselves and recover the innocence and joy of childhood in order to discover our true self. The arts have provided me the opportunity to speak without words, the means of expressing my feelings, opinions, moods and internalizing them in the mind and heart within space & time. Art is a form of energy that permeates through the work, similarly how humans emit energy.”


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